martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Monty Python's Flying Circus (Monty Python, 1970)

Monty Python's Flying Circus
Título:Monty Python's Flying Circus
Compositor/Autor:Monty Python
País:Reino Unido
Tamaño:53 MB
Bitrate:192 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list: 

Track list:
01. Flying Sheep
02. A Man With Three Buttocks
03. Crunchy Frog
04. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink
05. The Mouse Problem
06. Buying A Bed
07. Interesting People
08. Barber Shop Sketch
09. Lumberjack Song
10. Interview
11. Arthur Two Sheds
12. Children's Stories
13. Visitors
14. Albatross
15. Mr. Hitler
16. The North Minihead
17. Me, Doctor
18. Dead Parrot Sketch
19. Self Defence

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (Joe Hisaishi, 2001)

El viaje de Chihiro
Título:Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi
Compositor/Autor:Joe Hisaishi
Tamaño:174 MB
Bitrate:220 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list:

Track list:
1 One Summer's Day (あの夏へ, ano natsu e) 3:09
2 A Road to Somewhere (とおり道, toori michi) 2:07
3 The Empty Restaurant (誰もいない料理店, dare mo inai ryōriten) 3:15
4 Nighttime Coming (夜来る, yoru kuru) 2:00
5 The Dragon Boy (竜の少年, ryū no shōnen) 2:12
6 Sootballs (ボイラー虫, boirā mushi) 2:33
7 Procession of the Gods (神さま達, kamisama-tachi) 3:00
8 Yubaba (湯婆婆, yubaaba) 3:30
9 Bathhouse Morning (湯屋の朝, yuya no asa) 2:02
10 Day of the River (あの日の川, ano hi no kawa) 3:13
11 It's Hard Work (仕事はつらいぜ, shigoto wa tsuraize) 2:26
12 The Stink God (おクサレ神, okusaregami) 4:01
13 Sen's Courage (千の勇気, sen no yūki) 2:45
14 The Bottomless Pit (底なし穴, sokonashi ana) 1:18
15 Kaonashi (カオナシ, kaonashi) 3:47
16 The Sixth Station (6番目の駅, roku banme no eki) 3:38
17 Yubaba's Panic (湯婆婆狂乱, yubaaba kyōran) 1:38
18 The House at Swamp Bottom (沼の底の家, numa no soko no ie) 1:29
19 Reprise (ふたたび, futatabi) 4:53
20 The Return (帰る日, kaeru hi) 3:20
21 Always With Me (いつも何度でも, itsumo nando demo) 3:35

Rio Lobo (Jerry Goldsmith, 1970)

Rio Lobo
Título:Rio Lobo
Compositor/Autor:Jerry Goldsmith
País:Estados Unidos
Tamaño:62,6 MB
Bitrate:192 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list: 

Track list:
01. Captured
02. New Arrival / Unexpected Gun
03. A Good Teacher / Quiet Town / Cantina
04. Plans / The Raid
05. Scar / Hang on a Minute / Finale
06. Main Title
07. A Good Teacher (complete)
08. No Place To Go
09. Cordona´s Capture
10. The Trade / Retribution / End Title

Zatoichi (Keiichi Suzuki, 2003)

Compositor/Autor:Keiichi Suzuki
Tamaño:60 MB
Bitrate:128 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list: 

Track list:
01.A Road To A Post-Town
02.Firewood Chopping And A Farmer Who Wants To Be A Samurai
03.Ginzo's First Command
04.The Naruto-Ya Rice Merchant Massacre
05.The Gambling House Massacre
06.The Wasteland Masscre And The Reminiscence Of Geisha
07.A House On Fire And Massacres All Over
10.Zatoichi Showdown
12.A Road To A Post-Town (Alternate Mix)
13.Ginzo's First Command (Alternate Mix)
14.A House On Fire And Massacres All Over (Alternate Mix)

Z (Mikis Theodorakis, 1969)

Compositor/Autor:Mikis Theodorakis
Tamaño:22 MB
Bitrate:128 kbps
Película:Filmoteca Hawkmenblues

Track list:

Track list:
01.Main Title (O Adonis) (2:04)
02.To Yelasto Pedi (1:33)
03.La Course De Manuel (Chase) (2:12)
04.To Palikari Echi Kaimo - Vocal: Maria Farandouri (2:07)
05.Cafe Rock (1:33)
06.Arrival Of Helen (To Yelasto Pedi) (1:27)
07.Batucada (1:51)
08.To Yelasto Pedi (Bouzouki Version) (1:10)
09.To Yelasto Pedi (1:37)
10.Pios Den Mila Yia Ti Lambri (3:13)
11.Finale (To Yelasto Pedi) (2:48)
12.To Palikari Echi Kaimo - Vocal & Piano: Mikis Theodorakis (1:58)
13.Safti Ti Gitonia - Vocal & Piano: Mikis Theodorakis (1:42)

Young Frankenstein (John Morris, 1974)

El jovencito Frankenstein
Título:Young Frankenstein
Compositor/Autor:John Morris
País:Estados Unidos
Tamaño:65 MB
Bitrate:320 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list: 

Track list:
1. Main Title from "Young Frankenstein"
2. That's Fron-Kon-Steen!
3. Train to Transylvania/The Doctor Meets Igor
4. Frau Blucher
5. Grandfather's Private Library
6. It's Alive!
7. He Was My Boyfriend
8. My Name Is Frankenstein!
9. Introduction/Puttin' on the Ritz
10. Riot Is an Ugly Thing
11. He's Broken Loose!
12. Monster Talks
13. Wedding Night/End Title
14. Theme from "Yound Frankenstein"

Ying xiong (Tan Dun, 2002)

Hero / Héroe
Título:Ying xiong
Compositor/Autor:Tan Dun
Tamaño:135 MB
Bitrate:320 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list:

Track list:
01. Hero: Overture
02. For the World
03. Warriors
04. Gone with Leaves
05. Longing
06. At Emperor's Palace Kodo
07. In the Chess Court
08. Love in Distance
09. Spirit Fight
10. Swift Sword
11. Farewell, Hero
12. Sorrow in Desert
13. Home
14. Above Water
15. Snow
16. Yearning for the Peace
17. Hero

Wo de fu qin mu qin (Bao San, 1999)

El camino a casa
Título:Wo de fu qin mu qin
Compositor/Autor:Bao San
Tamaño:79 MB
Bitrate:128 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list: 

Track list:
01. Cart
02. First Appearance
03. Deliver Lunch
04. Drawing Water
05. Falling In Love
06. Encounter
07. Lunch 1
08. Lunch 2
09. Leaving The Village
10. Broken Bowl
11. Time Goes By
12. Hallucination
13. Art Craft
14. Waiting For Him In The Snow
15. Tear Drops
16. Funeral
17. Memory
18. The Road Home
19. Diary
20. Carry Bricks
21. Go to The City
22. Poster
23. In The Morning
24. Combing The Street
25. Interview
26. Not One Less

Wild at Heart (VV. AA., 1990)

Corazón salvaje
Título:Wild at Heart
Compositor/Autor:Angelo Badalamenti y VV.AA.
País:Estados Unidos
Tamaño:47 MB
Bitrate:128 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list: 

Track list:
01.Im Abendrot (Excerpt) - Richard Strauss (1:47)
02.Slaughterhouse - Powermad (5:22)
03.Cool Cat Walk (3:26)
04.Love Me - Nicolas Cage (2:56)
05.Baby Please Don't Go - Them (2:41)
06.Up In Flames - Koko Taylor (6:15)
07.Wicked Game - Chris Isaak (4:07)
08.Be-Bop A Lula - Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps (2:37)
09.Smoke Rings - Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra (3:03)
10.Perdita - Rubber City (4:12)
11.Blue Spanish Sky - Chris Isaak (3:59)
12.Dark Spanish Symphony (String Version) (2:35)
13.Dark Spanish Symphony (50's Version) (2:42)
14.Dark Lolita (2:16)
15.Love Me Tender - Nicolas Cage (3:00)

White Dog (Ennio Morricone, 1982)

Perro blanco
Título:White Dog
Compositor/Autor:Ennio Morricone
País:Estados Unidos
Tamaño:48 MB
Bitrate:160 kbps
Película:Filmoteca HawkmenBlues

Track list: 

Track list:
01. Death Of A Dog Pt.2
02. Second Theme
03. The Girl And The Dog
04. Dog's Theme
05. Girl's Thoughts
06. Certainties And Uncertainties Of A Dog
07. The Girl And Her Problems
08. Attempts At Fidelity
09. Death Of A Dog
10. After The Murder
11. Absentmindedly From A Radio
12. Dog's Escape
13. White Dog
14. Inside The Church
15. Dog's Escape
16. Death Of A Dog Pt.1
17. White Dog
18. Inside The Church